🤗 If we could know where and when we will meet again, we would show more tenderness with our loved ones when we say good-byes. But life, sometimes, puts us in complicated situations to learn the value of our relationships.

📬 In this newsletter which is a closing and beginning edition of the year, we have selected 3 campaigns that tell us about the value of the community, whether it is built around friendship to deepen it, as well as the one designed to welcome people who have had to leave their home and seek to take root in new lands. We hope it inspires you to find your place, wherever it is, because as they say there: perhaps people are not where they are born but where they come from.

Bizkargi 🤲

🤲 Zornotza Harrera Herria , the association of welcome to migrants and refugees, wants to ask for your support to carry out the works of the Cafeteria-Tasting Bizkargi and expand its project arising from a town assembly that decided to embark on the reception through the reform of two abandoned floors, always working in Auzolan and in a self-managed way.

🏡 Its pillars as a network are the chain of affections and the accompaniment of people towards their full autonomy. Since they set up two homes in 2017 they have walked a lot, creating a solidarity aid association called Zornotza Harrera Herria from which they have met and accompanied more than 15 families, creating community and getting the support of citizens as well as compliance by part of the city council of the Enrollment Law. After guaranteeing access to health and schooling for 4 families who have decided to make their town theirs too, they now go for the following challenge: A space to self-manage the project and continue in self-organization.

❤ Enter and be part of this initiative in Bizkargi Kafe-Degustazio Soziala.

La Cabaña Abriga El Bosque 🌲

🐞 After successfully completing an entire school year, this association of families from Granada would like to expand their capacity to involve more people. His dream is to share and actively participate in a very special stage of their lives: motherhood, fatherhood and the raising of sons and daughters. For this they have already built a very special space in la Vega de Granada where they hold meetings, activities and workshops periodically.

💪 Their idea is now to reform a small hut already built on the ground, with the same principles of bio-construction as your cabin, to serve as a shelter for children from 2 to 5 years in a project inspired by the Bosquescuela methodology. This involves exploring outer space as much as possible and letting children learn in the countryside/nature.

🎨 At the same time, they want to open the space in the evenings and weekends for cultural and educational activities: workshops and shows for children from 2 months to 10 years of age, in addition to courses for mothers and fathers, and education professionals, radically expanding community potential.

❤ If you also defend a shared educational process as an alternative way to reconcile work and parenting, and understand that the path of learning passes, among others, for respect and empathy, support the project of La Cabaña Abriga El Bosque.

Resiliencia Comunitaria ✊

✊ Two years after the earthquakes in Chiapas, the affected communities have normalized the damage to their homes, which obviously has increased vulnerability to possible future disasters. The BioReconstruye collective has begun to carry out the rehabilitation of damaged adobe homes from a political and moral position where health, nature, social and cultural life are benefited.

🌿 The conservation of the peasant cultural identity goes through the fact that rural vernacular forms are included in the architectural heritage, instead of those adopted in urban environments, such as historical centers, which tell the colonial, exploitative and extractivist history. Therefore, with participatory and sustainable methodologies, this project has as main approaches the gender, watershed and community, so during its implementation there will also be community workshops, which ensure that the knowledge acquired is not only within the circle of families benefited by the reconstruction of adobe homes, but can reach more people.

❤ You can collaborate in the conservation of the architectural cultural heritage of 3 rural vernacular adobe homes damaged in the community of Nueva Urbina (Chiapas) by entering Resiliencia Comunitaria

Do you want to work at Fundación Goteo? 😍

😙 In Goteo, we look for a manager! A person who leads and manages a new project for the promotion of cooperativism in the territory of Catalonia and that will be closely related to the ateneus cooperatius, cooperatives and new initiatives of the Social and Solidarity Economy, as well as drivers of the cooperative sector.

🔎 Therefore, we are looking for candidates who have proven experience in the Catalan cooperative sector, knowledge of the territory, as well as leadership, project management and implementation capacity. It is also valued to have experience in the design of training plans. The duration of the project is 12 months.

🗓 We offer immediate incorporation, a good office work environment in Barcelona, and opportunities to contribute to the growth and consolidation of two innovative organizations. You can check the full informaion here.

📨 Send us your CV and a brief cover letter explaining your motivation and experience applicable to the post to cv@goteo.org before January 15, 2019. Thank you!

Happy end and beginning of the year! 🥳

🥳 It is so true that there is still more than a week, as time flies by, right? So, we have already said it, to be well present and enjoy those dates that have been with us for a long time as well as those who just recently are part of our lives.

🙌 The whole team wishes you a happy year, hopes to have given you some joy this 2019 and thanks you with all your heart to be there supporting the project.

🎊 Happy 2020, see you soon and a hug!